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Y&A has been around for 2 years now! We started very small in 2015 and now we are proud to say that we were chosen as the fastest successful company. We started at 2 of us. Now extended to over 150 people. Our main goal of starting this business is to sell the right healthy products for anyone with curly hair. Our mission is and continues to grow throughout the world so that everyone can buy our products and have the prettiets curly hair!

Y&A has been environmentally friendly from the outset. We have great respect for our environment and humanity. Our products contain NO sulfates and parabens. We have also started something new since 2017. After using your bottle, you can hand it in to Toko where you bought it so that we can reuse the bottle! After collecting the bottle, you will receive a unique code from the oko employee. With this code can you win something free. Check it out via this link: www.Y&A.com Therefore, do not forget to hand in your empty bottle.

Y&A will finally tell you something about the products we actually sell. We specialize in curly hair, and we know all about it! We sell under the brand CANTU. We are very wide, we have everything (lotions, creams, shampoos, etc.) We think our environmentally friendly ingredients make us unique. Consumers often buy hair products without reading the back of the bottle. This is very bad, not knowing that they use mess for their hair.

Y&A is currently exporting only within Europe (France, Spain, Germany, etc.). We use trucks because this is the most environmentally friendly for us. In 2018 we will sell our products in North Africa (Morocco, Egypt). Then we would like to export by ship.

Nieuwste Producten

Moisturizing Cream Shampoo


3 in 1 Shampoo


Ecostyler Coconut Oil Gel


Coconut Curling Cream


Best sold Producten

Conditioning Creamy Hair Lotion


Super Shine Hair Silk


Tear-Free Nourishing Shampoo


Wave Whip Curling Mousse



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